Music is the language of our hearts, giving voice to our praise, prayer, joys, sorrows and longings. On any given Sunday, Mennonites sing hymns, praise choruses, and ethnic songs from all parts of the globe.

As you may have heard, Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada have launched a project to publish a new worship and song collection by 2020. This effort is being called Resonate: Join the Everlasting Song. The purpose of the collection is to support vibrant, meaningful worship in the context of this particular time with our particular issues and language. In conjunction with this effort, we (SHMC) will join a bi-national Great Day of Singing in our worship service on October 22. We will celebrate the gift of music by singing both familiar and unfamiliar songs, using some new worship resources, and utilizing some of the wonderful musicians in our church family.

A big part of the hymnal project is discerning what songs from our current books (Hymnal: a Worship Book, Sing the Journey, and Sing the Story) to include in the new collection. As part of that process, I invite you to submit to me your most beloved “heart songs” from our three current books – as many as your top three. Please send them to me via email or jot them on a piece of paper and give them to me in the next week or two. Every person is welcome to contribute their favorites. Depending on the results, we will try to include at least some of those songs in the service on October 22.

It is extremely exciting and challenging to be part of this project. I deeply appreciate the words of affirmation I have received from you, as well as the gift you are making by allowing me to participate in the meetings. I am doing my best to represent you well and serve the church through this venture.

– Cynthia